by Lt. (Ret.) Frank Moore >> It’s been said America has seen her best days. In searching for the formula for exceptionalism, Lt. (Ret.) Frank Moore recounts moments of exceptionalism in his experiences on 9/11, the heroism he witnessed during his career in the FDNY, and our country’s heroic story. In America the Exceptional, he contrasts America past to America present to identify what’s changed. One ingredient stands out—a Judeo-Christian foundation. It was there from the beginning but is being erased today. Evidence shows that the Founders did not simply believe in Christian principles, but that God visibly acted on behalf of the new country. This is America’s siren call to return to the formula for true greatness.

Frank Moore is a retired FDNY lieutenant and part of First Church. Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, he earned a bachelor’s of science in business administration from Manhattan College. After working in banking for nearly six years, he left the business world to become a firefighter and has never looked back.

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