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Ashbeel Wilson is a missionary with the Crescent Project whose vision is to give every Muslim an opportunity to respond to the gospel and connect with a faithful follower of Jesus. Having grown up in Pakistan, Ashbeel has a unique insight into casting this vision of mobilizing Christians to grow in understanding and befriend Muslims. He and his wife connect with internationals, students, refugees, and professionals through his wife’s studies at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis. Through his role in Ministry Partnership Development, Ashbeel networks with regional pastors and leaders to train and recruit for Crescent Project events throughout the United States.

Crescent Project is dedicated to offering Muslims what followers of Jesus have: a hope worth sharing. Their website provides Christians with ways to (1) discover Islam and God’s work among Muslims, (2) learn how to connect with Muslims in a winsome way, and (3) take steps to relate with Muslims at home and abroad. It also features a podcast introducing us to God’s work in the Muslim world. Hear personal stories from Muslims who discovered the hope of Jesus, interviews with Christians serving decades among Muslims, and much more.

Crescent Project’s highly-regarded Bridges curriculum helps Christ-followers engage Muslims by focusing on concepts shared by both faiths, creating a “bridge” of connection that ultimately leads to Jesus. Sahara Challenge is their graduate-level training designed to equip missionaries, churches, faith-based NGOs, and others to understand and reach Muslims domestically and internationally.

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