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Visual artist Sandra Bowden has been sharing her spiritual journey and interpretations of Scripture through mixed media for over 40 years. Acclaimed as one of the most unique and inspiring Christian artists in America, her work has been featured in publications and gallery shows across the United States, Canada, Italy, and Jerusalem. Bowden fuses traditional representations from the Old Testament—stone tablets and artifacts, Hebrew inscriptions, architectural depictions—with vivid images of Christ’s passion, musical scores, and God’s natural creations.

With Word and Song includes collagraphs, paintings, and collages that incorporate elements of written language and textural imagery within their design. The concept of communication across the generations is expressed through a variety of physical components. Ancient texts and biblical images intermingle with more modern musical scores, texture, and splashes of color. Each piece could be considered a “meditation”—a provocative example of art centered both figuratively and literally in word. Bowden views musical scores as a language that transcends the written word and sees music, historically, as one of the richest cultural influences of the Church.

This exhibit is on display in the Art gallery through March 1.

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