One of our most significant priorities as believers is to invest in raising up and equipping the next generation of Christian leaders. First Church has embraced a ministry of providing scholarships and mentoring pastors-in-training who are in the process of completing their Master of Divinity degrees at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Boston.

In January 2021, Moses Camacho, Jordin Greer, and Jeff Wojcicki arrived for an intensive one-week internship. They received practical training and skill development in areas of ministry that graduate schools cannot provide. The Epistle asked these pastors-to-be about their experience at First Church and their plans.

What was the most surprising thing you discovered in your time at First Church?
MOSES: One of the most surprising things I discovered at First Church was the biblical hunger, wisdom, and fire visible within the church elders, leaders, pastors, and congregation. It is amazing to see a congregation that is so connected to the Word and continually hungers for more of God and His Word.
JORDIN: The most surprising aspect of my time in Bonita Springs was the teamwork and generosity reflected in the pastoral relationships and within the congregation. I was showered with generosity on all fronts.

Tell us about your next steps in ministry—where do you feel God is leading you?
MOSES: I feel God is leading me to work in discipleship and spiritual formation. I hope to work with young adult communities and encourage a passion for the Word of God.
JEFF: My wife and I feel called to minister to the local church in New England. I care about the complete formation of individual believers and communities. I have adopted a mission statement from Hebrews 12 that reflects my deep desire: “I want to release people in Christ to run the race set before them.”
JORDIN: In September, I will be starting a year-long internship at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Wichita, KS. I feel called to pastoral ministry, and this opportunity allows me to practice my skills under the mentorship of a senior pastor. I am very excited about this next year! Please keep me in prayer.

If you could share one thing with the next group of interns, what would that be?
MOSES: I would tell them to come prepared with questions. Our time at First Church showed us just how vast is the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of the pastors, directors, and leaders. God is working through them and has placed within them the desire to share and pass on what they know and build up the next generations.

What role did First Church have in impacting you and future generations?
JORDIN: I am so grateful for the investment First Church has made in me as a young pastor. Because of your generosity, I am encouraged to lead our future generations into a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ. Because He first loved, we can love others. Because you were first generous in investing in your younger generations, I can invest in my younger generations. Thank you for this incredible opportunity that has been pivotal to my growth in ministry.