As a congregation, we gift the community with generous donations through First Thrift shop. These donations are often re-gifted directly to Café of Life, a local ministry partner and outreach center. Baby clothes, walkers, bicycles, cooking utensils—anything people need—are donated every day. The extras, the things for enjoyment, can be purchased in the thrift shop.

It is good for us to remember:

  • A generous spirit washes a sweatshirt at home, gently folds it and puts it in a bag of clothing to be delivered to Café of Life;
  • A generous spirit shops for and prepares a huge pan of enchiladas to be served by other members of our church on Friday to those who are hungry;
  • A generous spirit cleans and lubricates a no-longer-needed bicycle, even purchasing a basket for it, and delivers it to be used by someone as transportation to work;
  • A generous spirit smiles lovingly while assembling an entire kitchen—pots, pans and cutlery—from the thrift shop shelves for a family moving from the confines of their car to a two-room mobile home;
  • A generous spirit is a BOGO shopper who donates the free items to families in need at Eva’s Closet by delivering them to First Thrift;
  • A generous spirit mourns with a grieving spouse as they pack up the no-longer-needed articles of clothing, listens to nostalgic stories, and provides reassurance that the new owner will be grateful for the items and treat them with respect;
  • A generous spirit takes the extra time to drive others to church, meetings, and appointments;
  • A generous spirit goes patiently through the bookshelves, culling books that still have a story to tell;
  • A generous spirit listens to customers, hears a specific need, and calls as soon as the donated item finds its way to the store;
  • A generous spirit can be found each morning in our thrift shop prayer circle;
  • A generous spirit is in each volunteer who supports First Thrift with their time and donations.

by Margaret Winn and Jill House, First Thrift Manager

The Epistle asked the Membership Committee:
What advice do you have for a church member who would like to be generous with their time and talents by volunteering at First Church? Here is what they had to say…

Being a large church, there are unlimited ways to share your time and talents. Regardless of your background, skills or experience, you can be assured there is a place for you to serve the church. Approaching a volunteer opportunity with an open mind and heart is the best way to serve. If you are not sure where you could make a difference…

• Ask yourself, “What touches my heart?” God uses personal interests to guide us toward those areas where He wants us to give of ourselves.

• Ask yourself, “What are my gifts?” The Bible says every Christian has been given one or more spiritual gifts—abilities He wants us to use to serve Him and others.

• Think BIG. If you have opened yourself up to letting God develop in you the heart of a servant, ask yourself, “What opportunity is God showing me?”

• Ask for guidance. God answers prayer, so ask Him to light your path. The pastors and staff of First Church are here to help you. Membership/Volunteer Coordinator Rebecca Harley, stationed at the Welcome kiosk on Sunday mornings, can also be of assistance.