A Day in the Life…

of Children’s Ministry Volunteer Stowe Heiderscheit

What time do you get to church on Sunday morning?
I typically attend the service before Sunday school, so I get to church about 9AM. When the service ends, I head back to the classroom to prepare the lesson for the day.

How long does setup take and what does it include?
Depending on the activity, setup takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes. I typically review the lesson plan and then pull together the activity for that week.

What is your role before, during, or after the service(s)?
Before class starts, I prepare the lesson plan. During class I usually start by asking the kids how they saw God at work in their lives during the past week. We go around the table and they get to share their experiences. This helps us transition into the lesson. We read the weekly Bible story and watch a DVD segment that discusses the story in a fun way. After that we do our activity for the day. It often takes less time to finish than I budget for because we have such a smart group of kids. If we wrap up early we free play, and the kids who want to write prayer request cards have a chance to do so.

What time do you finish your volunteer work?
Usually 10-15 minutes after noon.

What impact does this volunteer service have on your life?
I’ve always enjoyed going to church but teaching Sunday school has given me a renewed purpose for attending on Sundays. I look forward to it all week. I’ve truly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the awesome kids and families who attend First Church. Teaching Sunday school has given me the opportunity to get involved in the church and has helped me develop a stronger sense of belonging and connection to our amazing church family.


Karen Dominik, Areas of Service: Wonder Years Preschool, Music Ministry

Volunteering every Thursday at Wonder Years Preschool is the highlight of my week and keeps me grounded. I am always greeted with genuine smiles and hugs that simply melt my heart. These children love unconditionally. What greater gift is there?

My role in the classroom varies. I am happy to wipe down tables, clean paintbrushes, and even sit on the floor (although the getting up part is challenging at times) to interact with the children. As an early childhood teacher for over 25 years, I am able to bring some rather unique experiences to the staff and children—like enhancing the themes our talented teachers create. For instance, I make pictorial calendars that reflect what they are learning each month. We have fun acting out musical plays such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. But my love is making educational children’s books using their ideas and artwork. We just completed a Christmas one entitled The Perfect Gift.

Karen is also deeply involved in our Music Ministry as a member of the Chancel Choir and Contemporary Ensemble: “I don’t look at singing in the choir as volunteering, but as my ministry. I am blessed beyond measure to joyfully put in the time rehearsing with the choir. God is good.”