As difficult as it was to adjust to lockdowns, shutdowns, and COVID-19 mitigation in Florida,
many of our church-supported missionaries are continuing to experience the effects of the worldwide pandemic where they live and serve. Below are just a few recent requests for prayers of intercession and praise.

Rik & Ellen Manuel in France
Rik and Ellen serve at the year-round Camp of the Peaks, offering daily Bible studies, discussion groups, and worship.
This past April, France issued its third national coronavirus lockdown. This one is less restrictive as we have unlimited time outside and only need a government permission form to travel beyond 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) of our home. We are grateful that our camp is only 9.1 kilometers away. Please pray that we will be allowed to hold camps this summer and that guidelines are loosened to allow more campers.

Gibson & Lauren Hekking in Germany
Gibson and Lauren are part of a team in Cologne building relationships with refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.
Please pray for wisdom and conviction regarding the COVID situation. The laws here change regularly and gatherings are often restricted, even the number of guests in your home and whether you can sing at church. Ultimately, please pray that we maintain good fellowship with our team and that our ministry not be hindered by any of these mandates.

Barry & Amy Schutter in England
The Schutters are planting churches in the London community of Southall—a poor, immigrant community of Pakistani and Somali Muslims, Indian Hindus and Sikhs.
We will be launching a hope-filled media blitz in Hounslow as London is still in lockdown with talk of a third COVID wave across Europe. We are using all available technology to share the hope of God with the hopeless in our community and we are encouraged to know that you are praying for us.

Potter’s House in Guatemala
Potter’s House helps those who inhabit or make a living from Guatemala City’s municipal dump with microfinance programs so they can provide for their families.
We will remember this year as one in which God cared for us miraculously, using many people and ministries to sustain us. Through it all, our faith was strengthened and we were a blessing to others by carrying a message of hope and love to the needy. God enabled us to proclaim the Good News of salvation to over 32,800 individuals. Please join us in our prayers of gratitude.