Tell us about your most memorable moments in ministry since you have been on staff at First Church.

Pastor June Barrow

The women have provided the greatest moments in ministry for me. On days when the sun is shining, the palm trees are waving, the beaches are waiting, and stores full of beautiful things are calling—this is when the women of First Church gather together. They come to learn the Bible, not just academically, but so they might know who God is and who they are because of Him. They gather to share a faith in Christ that gives them courage and  freedom, that calls them to love and serve and forgive. They gather to cheer each other on and to share their troubles. I love and respect these women who meet for Bible studies, prayer groups and reunion groups, large and small. They are hungry to learn and love and grow. I love being the pastor who is privileged to be with these women.

Pastor Steven Grant

What stands out as most memorable during my ministry here is the opportunity I have had to lead five trips to the Holy Land with members and friends of our church. Sharing the discovery of a people and a land that I have come to love so much is especially sweet. These journeys to Israel are a spiritual pilgrimage for me and for those who have traveled with me; the impact has been tremendous—especially in my own life. This region of the world is torn by so much conflict, and yet I have shared conversations and experiences with Jewish and Muslim brothers who still choose to embrace love instead of divisiveness. This is a glimpse of what the poet Schiller meant in his Ode to Joy which Beethoven used in his Ninth Symphony, “All men will become brothers… World, do you not know the Creator?” I feel so fortunate to be one of God’s instruments, sharing Christian love in a part of the world that needs it most!

Pastor Brad Rogers

Reflecting on the two-and-a-half years that I’ve served at First Church, the memorable moments that come to mind revolve around two themes. The  first theme concerns times when I am in awe of the blessing to serve with such an amazing team of staff and lay leaders. During staff meetings, I love hearing dialogue that reveals the spiritual depth of our staff members. At session meetings and Great Banquet weekends, I love listening to the depth of faith of our lay leaders. The second theme is how the church responds to God’s call in the world—whether it’s hurricane relief or funding the expansion of a Child Development Center in the Dominican Republic. These remarkable moments continually remind me of the great privilege of serving in this season of God’s ministry through First Church.

Pastor Allen Walworth

How do you pick a single defining moment from the rich and continuous flow of ministry impact at First Church? I think of the first time Connie and I attended the church, heard Doug preach, the choir sing, and sensed the excellence and vibrancy of the church on so many levels. We never looked further and have never looked back. But now, as one of the pastors, I continue to be overwhelmed and blessed beyond words by the depth and breadth of the church in worship. You hear so much more than we say when we preach and teach because you listen so carefully, respond so brightly, and affirm so beautifully. I love to listen to God and be lost in wonder and praise with you!