Notes from Former Westminster Theological Seminary Interns

John Suh
2021 intern; Westminster student, two years remaining
“I will always remember the experience of the mentorship program at First Presbyterian of Bonita Springs as one that has radically shaped and impacted my view of how the Great Commission is alive in the leadership and function of a church. Because unique persons with unique giftings in God-glorifying ministries are led to serve, the Body of Christ is multifaceted, vibrant, and unified in all its parts. Thank you [Pastor Steven] for your mentoring presence throughout this experience.” -John Suh

Sheldon Nordhues
2018 intern; Director of Development, Reformed Theological Seminary (Atlanta, GA)
“My time at First Church in Bonita Springs was very formative. It was my first time seeing what faithful ministry at a large church looks like. It showed me that there are many ways to serve the Lord in ministry beyond being a solo pastor at a small church. I can definitively say that it had a direct impact on discerning my calling and current ministry.” -Sheldon Nordhues