BethanyKids is a compassionate Christian mission that offers surgical and rehabilitative care to children and families who have “no other place to turn.” In 2018, their volunteer medical staff performed 3,221 pediatric surgeries and saw more that 11,500 children in hospital clinics in five African countries. Among those who offer their services, both short and long term, are missionary surgeons, local African surgeons, surgeon trainees, nurses, chaplains, social workers, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists.

BethanyKids began its surgical ministry at AIC (Africa Inland Church) Kijabe Hospital in Kenya in 2004, and has since expanded to four other countries. Their surgeon training program has been in place for nearly a decade and is dedicated to equipping African doctors to serve in Africa. This program also includes spiritual mentorship so the surgeons may provide hope and holistic care from a generous heart. Rehab after surgery is also provided. BethanyKids Mobile Clinic team hits the road to administer follow-up surgical care and identify children who could benefit from surgery. Last year these clinics saw over 3,600 children throughout rural Kenya. A disciplers ministry of 400 women seek out and help children in extreme poverty who may be kept hidden in their homes because of their disability. As more children needing surgery are found, more and more families are hearing the saving gospel of Jesus and being blessed by His healing.

BethanyKids is supported by First Church mission funds. Please offer your prayers for these dedicated and generous individuals who are transforming the lives of African children and their families. Find out more at