LIFE LESSONS from the Old Testament

The word “courage” is derived from the Latin word for “heart.” Great moral thinkers have always known that courage is one of the key virtues in life. To have courage, to live from the heart means choosing to do the right thing. But this is never easy. You and I will face thousands of choices during our lifetime—some seemingly insignificant, others momentous—and these choices have consequences that affect us and the people around us.

We need heroes. True stories of those who have come before us help guide and encourage us. The Old Testament chronicles fascinating and timeless accounts of men and women whose choices have deeply impacted the world. Although the externals of their lives (how and where they lived, what they wore, the words they spoke) seem very different from ours, the fundamental themes of human life and relationships are recurring.

The title of this new series from Life Academy uses the modern cliché “feet of clay” (derived from the book of Daniel). Every person who has ever lived, except One, has had weaknesses; essentially, we all have feet of clay. As we study the lives of these ancient heroes of the Old Testament, we will see that in many ways, they were just like us; they were challenged with the same core moral and ethical choices and faced the same essential consequences. Like us, they had flaws and vulnerabilities, but they also had noble characteristics and insight. From each fascinating biography, we can learn from their inner struggles, triumphs, and mistakes.

We will also witness what is unique and especially powerful about the Old Testament: it portrays even the most influential leaders and heroes as men and women who have both weaknesses and strengths. This fact makes our Bible unique among ancient documents because failures and flaws are recorded as candidly as victories and strengths. This gives us confidence that these stories are true, honest, and accurate.

Our new series begins with Genesis chapter 12 and a remarkable couple named Abram and Sarai, who lived some 4,000 years ago. We will see how the Creator of the universe decided to begin His great work of redeeming His lost and fallen creatures by selecting one family to be His special representatives. We will then follow the stories of the descendants of Abram and how their lives interacted with God at crucial points on the Redemption Road. Join us on this fascinating journey through the Old Testament, as seen through the lives of these remarkable
men and women.