“But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”
 John 14:26


I can remember many people who helped shape and mold me during my lifetime; most are no longer around to ask for counsel. I miss those folks and the wisdom they kindly shared with me.

In our June Memory Verse, Jesus—who had instructed, molded, and shaped His disciples for three years—is preparing to leave them and gives them a comforting promise. He reassures them that the Father is sending a Helper (parakletos in Greek) who will teach them all things and remind them of everything He has said to them throughout His ministry.

My first thought is that this amazing promise was unique only to this remarkable band of brothers who were personally chosen by Jesus. But why do I feel that way? The truth is that this Advocate—the Spirit of God, no less—was also sent to me, and I have all that Jesus taught and more available to me in the Word. Am I not also personally chosen?

Even knowing this, I admit that I am often lazy and do not want to do the necessary work to learn the precious life lessons taught by Jesus. Yet, I can feel the Spirit trigger my conscience and direct my steps toward His Word, toward transformation.

None of us can forget the promise that Jesus made to us; the Paraclete will be with us forever, and He is God!

by Steve Thompson

A Precious Promise

In John Chapter 14, Jesus is preparing His disciples for His return to heaven. They are confused and uneasy, but Jesus reassures them that He will not leave them alone; He will send them a Helper. Jesus is talking about the Holy Spirit, whom He refers to as both counselor and teacher.

The theme of this passage is that the Holy Spirit’s primary role is to remind the disciples (and us) of what Christ taught during His time on earth. Divine guidance and help are available to reinforce the truth of God’s Word to all Christians through the Holy Spirit.

Jesus promises the indwelling of the Spirit because He knows that we cannot live the Christian life by our strength alone but must depend on the Holy Spirit to be our guide, teacher, and helper.

Jesus’ words are so precious to me. I love knowing that I am not alone in the Christian life and that God’s very Spirit is available to me as my instructor, advocate, and comforter in every moment of my life.

by June Thompson