We all have a favorite person—a favorite niece, a favorite cousin or best friend. It’s easy to lavish generosity when there is deep love for another. And yet there are those without the means to do so. Many parents struggle each year to provide for their family’s basic needs—meals, clothing, and shelter. The thought of extravagant Christmas gifts, or any gifts perhaps, is not even an option. How many of them do you think pray, asking God for a miracle that allows their child to receive something they know they can’t provide? What if we could be the answer to that prayer? Thanks to the extensive behind-the-scenes work of our deacons and volunteers, we can be a miracle of generosity for many local families. Manger Tree organizers work with multiple community outreach ministries to provide gifts for children whose families are not able to do so. Last year over 350 children were blessed at Christmas because of the generosity we shared with them.